Museum After Dark: Village Sounds, featuring Desi & Cody

On Friday, January 27, we are pleased to bring you Desi & Cody for Village Sounds. The museum will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., with music starting in the Village Church at 7:00 p.m.

As a museum, it is our role to be honest, authentic interpreters of the past, using pieces of historic evidence as our guide. We use that evidence to tell the story of our past. Musicians are also storytellers. The good ones also tell honest, authentic stories about the world around us. Village Sounds, a “Museum After Dark” experience at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, is a chance to explore our story in Oklahoma from the perspective of different songwriters from our state.

The Village Church on the grounds of the Humphrey Heritage Village will be transformed for the evening into an intimate listening room for different musicians to share their songs and their stories. The Heritage Center will remain open for the duration, so visitors can also explore our shared history at their leisure.

About the Artist:

The Tulsa, OK-based duo, Desi and Cody, describe their second album, “Yes This Is Killing Us,” as a “dark comedy.” United both through music and matrimony, their latest collaboration exposes the perils and triumphs of relationships. Desi’s seductive voice combined with Cody’s emotive vocals and sweet harmonies, sonically manifest a refreshing homage to classic 60’s femme fatales with chamber pop and baroque textures which transform their Okie roots into the realm of futuristic folk.

“The entire album, “Yes, This Is Killing Us,” is more or less about touring and making records with your spouse, says Cody. The album launches with a haunting, new wave synth sound that swerves into a chorale on “It’s Our Thing.” “It is about not holding back with any preconceived notions,” explains Cody. “She’s No Good For You,” shines with Desi’s endearing, nostalgic singing, while stirring, melancholy “Rehearse The Lines,” marks the first time Desi’s recorded one her own compositions.

Desi and Cody chronicle on-the-road antics in the video for their sultry version of Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game.” Director Miles Rogoish filmed eye-catching images from boondocks to the seediness of Hollywood. “Wicked Game” features an old keyboard to replace the iconic guitar line. “I used a Casio SK1,” Cody laughs. “It’s really a child’s sampling keyboard.”

Vibrant, jazzy horns gallantly accompany the twangy “mish mash” of “Savannah.” “Elija’s Song” is heartwarming, acoustic duet and tributes Cody’s best friend’s newborn son, “Just remember love is stronger than the setting sun.” Desi belts out a soulful groove with funky horns and syncopated beats for “Misunderstanding,” while “Stay,” recalls the flirtatious, girly-vocal simplicity of the British Invasion.

A native Oklahoman, and part Cherokee, Cody grew up in the backwoods while Desi grew up in the Northwest (Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR). She rediscovered her singing after connecting with Cody—who first heard her talent emanating from the shower.

Desi and Cody’s music possesses an inherent irreverence reminiscent of Lynch or Tarantino movies. Songwriting for Cody is a visual expression, “Film usually inspires me most,” he states.“ Their first two EPs, Cody’s “Dog Days Comin’” and Desi’s “In the Dead of Summer,” to positive response. They successfully used Kickstarter to crowdfund their latest album as well as their 2015 full-length debut, “Desi and Cody.” “No Depression” called their self-titled album “superb” while The Tulsa Voice” lauded: “there’s no higher praise an album could receive.”

“Yes, This Is Killing Us,” concludes with the multi-layered, alluring pop melody of “Open Your Eyes.” It is a peek into the ups and downs of marriage,” explains Cody, “as well as, at the same time being in a band.” While there may be profound doubts of the journey
they have engaged, in the end there is a sweetness that is meant to both comfort and incite: ‘Everything’s turning out right.’ ”

The concert is of no extra cost, outside of admission to the Heritage Center. Members of the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center or the Oklahoma Historical Society always visit the Heritage Center for free.

This event is made possible through the financial support of our community partner, Park Avenue Thrift.

The event is finished.


Jan 27 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
507 S 4th St (267.47 mi) Enid, Oklahoma 73701

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