The Boom and Bust, Natural Resources in the Cherokee Strip program allows students to learn more about Northwest Oklahoma and the rich, natural resources that impact our lives. This program includes the Heritage Center’s Dave Donaldson Oil and Gas Gallery which marks the beginnings of oil and gas production in the Cherokee Strip through its economic importance to Northwestern Oklahoma today. A series of interactive features inform students how natural resources are found, the techniques used to collect them and the processes followed to refine them. Students enjoy a hands-on program and guided tour of the museum, as well as a field book to record their experience.

This program created by the Heritage Center’s Education Department has been selected by the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) to partner with them in their statewide school education program. The OERB is committed to education in Oklahoma, spending millions of dollars annually to provide teacher training, curricula and programs that bring the petroleum industry to classrooms across the state. As part of the OERB school program, OERB offers free field trips to selected museum. We are thrilled that the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center has been chosen to partner with OERB.

Teachers who are part of the OERB program may take advantage a free museum field trip which includes free admittance for classroom teachers and students to the closest, age-appropriate museum, a free energy class or exhibit at the museum and partial to full travel reimbursement for schools or school districts. Currently there are over 15 partner museums throughout Oklahoma.

For more information contact our Education Department, at (580) 237-1907 or