Pioneer Life: Homesteading in the Cherokee Outlet

Enter the grounds of the Heritage Center’s Humphrey Heritage Village and step back in time to the early frontier days.

A Townsperson will greet students and take them through the daily chores of homesteading in the Cherokee Outlet.

Students are encouraged to wear period clothing and bring their lunch pails filled with a typical 1893 Oklahoma Territory lunch.

This program is for third-fifth graders. A class size of 10 minimum is required but 25 students or less is ideal for this historical experience.

For more information and our Pioneer Life Teacher’s Package, contact our Education Department at (580) 237-1907 or

10 student minimum
3rd – 5th grade
9:00 a.m. – 1 p.m.

$5 per student, $50 minimum
Includes Museum Tour
($7 per class photo, optional)

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(580) 237-1907